25 March 2014 @ 01:00 pm
Not that I've been around in absolute ages, or left very many people on my friends-list who would be able to access the friends-locked post anyway, but I've updated my contact information with my new address here. Anyone who can't access it but still needs it for some reason can PM me directly.
The world froze yesterday, so no work today! I meant to use this time to do some school work, but it's suddenly 4pm and I've only read one chapter and completed a quiz. I've bought some pretty dull household things from Amazon though! Woo~ can opener and shower curtain rings! My aunt is having a giant HOUSEWARMINGPALOOZA, so I'm not really allowed to buy myself things that are cute at the moment, because that's what registries are for.

I've reached book three of the Aubrey/Maturin saga. My readings of these books have been about 12 pages a day -- whatever it takes to conquer a book in a month. But I catch the slightest whiff of Stephen Maturin being taken and tortured by enemy agents in what used to be Molly Harte's music room and suddenly I'm on page 75 and it's 12:30am and oh, Jack Aubrey, your manly angst is killing me softly. It's things like this that more than make up for O'Brian's seven thousandth explanation of different sorts of ropes.

Aaaand that's kind of my life-summary for the week. So epic. So exciting. o wow
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23 February 2014 @ 01:01 pm
Things I Did Not Do Last Night: Finish writing this damn paper.
Things I Did Do Last Night: Talked to Douglas on Skype for 6.5 hours; went to bed at 4:00am.

Things I Have Not Done Today: Start finishing this damn paper.
Things I Have Done Today: Turned off automatic LJ payments; turned my back on my internet heritage.

Also, I get the keys to my new apartment on the 22nd of March. I don't have a gimmicky way of mentioning that, so let me just tack it here on the end.

ETA: Another Thing Done Today: Weeded my friendslist to an extreme degree. If I cut you, I don't hate you, but I also probably don't read your posts because I don't really read anything on LJ anymore except like, ONTD comments sometimes when I'm feeling catty. Internet heritage: betrayed.

Things I've Still Not Done: Literally anything with that paper.
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I had school things to do today that I've been procrastinating on for a while. So naturally, I cleaned my closet and weeded my books and DVDs for six hours. Of course. Among my personal accomplishments is getting rid of my non-EE LOTR DVDs, which will never be touched again because why would you watch the incomplete version???? Among my personal failures is having put all of my Torchwood novelizations in the pile to be gotten rid of and then quietly returning them to the bookshelf half an hour later with much relief and self-loathing. You win some, you lose some.

(I extra-lose, because I bought another this very night. It was taking HPB a long time to calculate my total, the book was only $3, I didn't have it, I'm only two short of the set now, etc. I'm not proud.)

I did, for the record, get around to the thing I've been procrastinating on. It's a bit rubbish, but it's not even actually due until next Wednesday, so I was really faking myself out the whole time anyway. I have a complicated relationship with timelines and self-monitoring. I'd explain, but it's boring and a bit sad.

The apartment complex has not called back, though I know they now have all of the paperwork they need. I am dying. Give me my loft. I need to be indecisive about furniture choices for a non-hypothetical space now.

There is laundry to be put away. Everything is terrible.
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14 February 2014 @ 01:11 pm
Happy Valentine's Day! I mean that sincerely, for once. My typical Valentine's Day cheer is secretly laced with envy, self-consciousness, cynicism, and self-loathing about being self-conscious and envious (though not cynical, because come on). But today, I'm having a good-mood day for no particular reason, so I hope you have one too, in relation to or unrelated to this fakey holiday.

Work is busy, though mostly not in a stressful way. It's nice, actually having things to do and having everyone realize what an enormous asset I am to my department. This semester has yet to really start kicking my ass, too, so that kind of helps with having all of the work to do all of the time.

I'm teetering on the brink of having an apartment. Literally all that needs to happen at this point is for my landlord to fax his paperwork over to the complex -- which he did like, two days ago, but apparently it didn't go through so I've had to ask him awkwardly to do it again, and now he's getting a busy signal, so... I can't believe all that's standing between me and an apartment is faulty prehistoric technology. "Sorry we haven't called you back yet. Our VCR totally mangled our VHS of Ghost. Bogus, man." Literally the same thing. Basically.

In fandom life... I don't have much of a fandom life anymore, to be honest. I'm listening to The Thrilling Adventure Hour a lot, and singing snatches of the Sparks Nevada: Marshal on Mars! theme song at unexpected moments. I'm steadily marching through the Aubrey/Maturin series (Stephen has feelings; Jack has no clue; Diana has oppression; Sophia has a poorly-defined personality; all of them have an open invitation to an OT4 with a fanbase of one, because hi). I think vaguely at least once a day of rewatching several TV shows and then never get around to them. I sort of miss being omgobsessed with things, but not as much as I used to?

I'm idly toying in the back of my head with creative-type things. Plots and characters and ideas for sketches. It's been a while since that really happened. I'm glad it's back. You do you, brain.
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One. I put a deposit down on an apartment! It has a loft, and I am blind with loft-love.

Two. Thrilling Adventure Hour has become my new thing. Make it your new thing today!

Three. I've been trying to think of something else to talk about for twenty minutes and officially give up. Have an awesome Shaun of the Dead fanvid, apropos of nothing.
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30 January 2014 @ 05:19 pm
One Thing Occurring In Real Life: I am apartment hunting (in a positive way).

Two Things About Class Readings: My Public Library textbook is the driest thing I've ever read. Jon Klassen's This Is Not My Hat continues to be one of the greatest things I've ever read.

Three Things Gleaned From Three Episodes Of Trick Of The Mind: Derren Brown is delightful. But at least 23% evil? Also, he is a literal wizard, whose cleverness comes in fooling people into believing he's doing "magic" when he's actually doing magic.
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Another of those "oh, shit, it's been a week since my last post?" posts! But a quick one, because today has been long.

Work is good, but hectic. But good? I'm doing about a million different things, and am dashing around like a mad woman, impressing people with my Excel skills and panicking over accidental mass data deletion (which turned out to be fine, mostly). I get paid a bit more now, and have a fancier title, and actually see people, like, at all!

On the other hand, my DO ALL OF THE CLASSWORK! time has been pretty severely cut down. This, combined with the realization that I'd signed up for a class that I sincerely have no idea why I ever, ever, ever thought it was a good idea (it involves public speaking, was I high, omg), has prompted me into a tizzy of trying to figure out if I can drop a class, how I can drop a class, what dropping a class might do to the blissful limbo in which my student loans temporarily reside, etc. It's a gruesome situation which pits my crippling stage fright against the monster tag-team of financial contemplation and personal disappointment.

So, you know. Stay tuned. If I've read things correctly, everything may be perfectly fine. If I've read things incorrectly, I'm still dropping this course, but with some financial consequences I'd rather have put off for as long as possible. I don't know why I'm so terribly distressed about the whole process. My friends are in teasing heaven, though, as I am obviously the only person who has ever, ever, ever, ever dropped a course, ever, in the history of education, and every single person in my program -- no, in my entire college -- is scorning me at just this very moment for being such a failure. Obviously.

In less long-winded (didn't I use the word "quick" earlier?) news: I've nearly finished with the third season of Being Human (US), which I've ultimately decided is the superior version, come at me bro. But I've also really started missing Primeval, so take my personal tastes with a grain of salt. I'm about halfway through Master and Commander, and am enjoying it (and understanding it) more than ever. I'm also reading The Night Watch in fits and starts, because with a Sarah Waters book, you have to allot yourself the time to read at least fifty pages in a sitting, as that's inevitably what always happens.

I'm not bothering to think of a witty ending to this post. I'm going to watch The Colbert Report (side note: I'm picking up TDS/TCR and Craigyferg again as a sort of couch potato's New Year's resolution) and vaguely consider tidying up my increasingly untidy room without getting up from my chair. See you in a(nother) week, probably!
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At work, but there aren't massive quantities of things for me to do at this exact moment, so I'm just listening to music and thinking about writing while knowing I'll never really write a word.

  • Ashes To Ashes. Geeeeeeeene. Fine. I give up. LOM set me up to appreciate you as a character but hate you as a person. ATA made me have squishy feelings about you, begrudgingly, but whatever. Fine. They're there, so fuck you and also I love you? You awful human being who are also weirdly my favorite thing ever? I don't understand this at all. What are these feelings?

    An unasked-for ranking of seasons: LOM S1 > ATA S1 > LOM S2 = ATA S2 >>> ATA S3.

    Also, I would read the crap out of some novel-length fic for either of these shows, but probably really only gen stuff, and if the internet has taught me anything, it's that the more gen a thing is, the shorter the story. I just want Gene Hunt to punch people in the face while someone stands off to the side making dry time-travel pop-culture quips about police brutality. For like, 200 pages. I'm not being unreasonable, internet.

  • Call The Midwife. Technically. I've only just watched the first episode, but I enjoyed it immensely and mean to continue. It's just that that first episode made me ugly cry, and I've got to pace this one or exhaust myself. How can something so adorable cause such a mess of emotions? Babies, that's how.

  • Being Human (US). I've been "someday"-ing about finishing BH(UK) for like, five years, but it's just so constantly bleak and far too caught up in the vampire side of things (yawn, vampires), and I know the exact fate of all of the main characters by now, and... Someday. But not any time soon.

    So I tried BH(US) on a whim (several years in the making, as that's how my whims work), and awww. Like, fine, every single actor is kind of terrible, and it's not a fraction of a percent as visually delicious, and literally no component of it seems capable of pulling off the darkness the plots are trying for -- but! It's adorable and I love it anyway? I watched three episodes before bed last night, and the last was a "I should go to bed, but... one more!" situation.

    An unasked-for ranking of characters: Mitchell >>> Aidan (who is okay character-wise, but bad in the face). Sally = Annie (they should team up and have adorable international ghost adventures omg). Josh >>>>>>>>>> George (like 50% of the selling point of this show: the superiority of the werewolf over the screeching whine machine that is George).

    I mean, BH(UK) is always going to be tighter, darker, better-crafted and -acted and... just technically superior. But I'm a fluffy kind of girl at the end of the day, and BH(US) is the kind of show that might be a little bit questionable and a little bit crap, but is also the one I kind of want to hug and bake cookies for and hang out with, and which is probably not going to crush my soul constantly. Let's be guilty-pleasure BFF's, BH(US).

    I'm also, you know. Reading several books and knitting a baby blanket for someone's unborn bairn, and working, and trying to make a habit of taking a walk every day, and forever and ever toying with original characters and stories in my head (even if they never do reach paper). But blah blah blah let's compare the self-deprecation styles of werewolves, y/y?
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    I had a fleeting idea that I would post every single day of 2014, but as I struggle to find anything worth saying more than once a week, that went right out the window.

    Things that have happened since my last post:
  • Christmas! It was nice, if fairly unremarkable.

  • I drove to the end of the world. Well, to the coast. There, I spent a few days in an enormous house practically on the beach itself, where I read a great deal and could hear the ocean while lying in bed every night.

  • My car broke. Again. I met a small-town off-duty detective and a pleasant tow-truck driver. My car has been fixed. I continue to hate my car. The saga continues, 2014-style.

  • There was a BFQOTY! It was alright, which is a disappointing way to feel, given its lineup.

  • My position at work has slightly changed, but they're still working on a new title and pay rate for me. The main thrust of the change is that I'm no longer in a room by myself all day, or answering phones. I've got a cubicle on the 14th floor. I don't know how I feel about this yet, but it was a tragically unavoidable step up the corporate ladder.

  • My apathy of several years abruptly ended for no discernible reason, and I watched all of Life On Mars in about two days, and am now mid-Ashes-To-Ashes. I have a lot of feelings about various things in both shows, and have demonstrated them by loudly and ceaselessly talking to my computer monitor over my knitting. Especially to Gene Hunt. GENE HUNT I DO NOT ENJOY HAVING ANY SORT OF POSITIVE FEELINGS ABOUT YOU SO STOP IT THIS INSTANT YOU APPALLING ASSHOLE
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